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Friday, June 13, 2003 :::
Lazy Summer Days are Here. A Mind That Suits actually parked on a public road where parking is not restricted, and so he slept in today, and then read the Journal while waiting for the power folks to come read the meter and did some laundry. No chance to expound on the world's ways, but a nice way to spend the morning. One of his two jobs is giving A Mind That Suits a rest this morning, and so he took it.

The only thing worth noting is that the Washington spring has turned into a typical Washington spring, in that it never really came, and now it's gone. It was cold a few days ago. It has been cold all during the time the calendar says it should be spring. There is a funny account of it, from a solipsistic New Yorker's perspective, here. The jet stream has now flipped its tail, and put us Washingtonians back down South, and so it is muggy and uncomfortable today, just as June should be in Washington. But it is beautiful. This is absolutely the greenest major city in the US of A, and it is beautiful right now. The pollen was so thick a few days ago that it looked like we were back in February, and it was snowing again. But it is beautiful. And on a muggy, drizzly morning when your car is parked in one of the few unrestricted streets in the nation's capital, sleeping in is only natural, and that is what A Mind That Suits did.

A Mind That Suits, by the way, does not believe in unrestricted parking in a city. That is a subsidy, and subsidies distort the economy and thus society. Many of the people who park on that road are rich folks with second or third cars registered in other states, because they don't want to pay the taxes. What they should do is vote for people who will reduce the taxes. But they are all Gore voters, and they won't. They'll just demand subsidies so they can park their extra cars at public expense.

Have a good one.

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