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Wednesday, June 18, 2003 :::
Looking back over recent posts, I see that I managed to make a bloomer in another language, which is always possible. In fact, it's likely. Instead of "El Camino Real' (The Royal Road), I wrote El Camion Real, which would be "the royal truck." I assume there are such things, in modern Spain, but that is not the name of the road in California, which is what I mean. That was simply typing too fast. That is nothing as compared to the time I started an Italian vacation by walking into the best pasticceria (pastry shop) that I have ever seen, right next to the religious house that I stay in, and getting a cappucino. The proprietor, who remembered me, offered me a pastry, forgetting that I had sprue, the allergy to glutin. I thought it was spelled "gluton" in English, and so made an entirely understandable error. "Grazie," I said, "ma sono allergico a glutone," which acctually means, "Thank you, but I am allergic to a really large gluteus." It really does, and I really said that, so "a royal truck" is not so bad.

Have a good one.

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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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