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Monday, July 28, 2003 :::
An important article on Iraq...the usual complaints...great reporting in Wilmington...
A Mind That Suits spent another restful weekend in charming Wilmington, NC, where his father's creaky old i-Mac keeps him from too much internet activity. Which is a good thing.

The good and the bad in Iraq. This morning brings a superb roundup of the situation in Iraq by editorial page editor Paul Gigot. There is finally creeping into conservative writing admissions that some serious mistakes were made. Unfortunately, if Gigot has his ducks in a row--and he depends on Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, an admittedly biased source--then it appears that when the Pentagon was right, the Administration listened to State, and when State was right, they listened to the CIA, etc, etc, etc. However, Gigot performs an important service by covering the situation as it is, and reminding everyone that there are very, very few people who want Saddam back, or want us to leave early.

Quagmire? In an interesting article last week, a former Defense Department official asked if anyone would recognize that we are doing something right. This column has maintained that we have done a lot right, but that we did a lot wrong that was inexcusable. The article contains this line: "To be sure, the Iraqis have been disappointed by the slow pace of restoring security, power and jobs. The Pentagon was as ill-prepared for the peace as it was well-prepared for the war." He asks for a moratorium on criticism, but the thought rises: we might be predisposed to stop criticizing now if we had not been accused of un-Americanism for criticizing in April, when the lack of preparation was obvious to all.

Who Says Great Reporting is Dead? The Wilmington Star-News brought this startling announcement on Sunday morning, on it fron page, above the fold: County battles growing pains. Traffic, sprawl are tough to combat One lives for this kind of in-depth, spare-no-expense, take-no-prisoners, bare-knuckled reporting. One stands in awe of the single-minded dedication to searching for the facts, and just the facts. And one wonders how the reporter could possibly have learned as much as he did. Perhaps he tried to drive to a drug store on Wilmington's one major road, Market Street/Hwy. 17. Yes, that must have been it.

It's this kind of journalism that restores you faith in a free press.

Have a good one...

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