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Friday, July 18, 2003 :::
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Now a very big bunch of folks has told us so. A Mind That Suits remains disappointed that the conservative press is not pushing harder for better action on reconstructing Iraq. A Mind That Suits has believed for a very long time that only the initial battles went well, and even there, there were problems. At this very moment, there is a public briefing at the Pentagon about a report by real experts on the current situation in Iraq. The panel was led by a former Deputy Secretary of Defense and was organized by the reliable, centrist Center of Stratgeic and International Studies. These are not Democrats bitter about having lost the public's confidence on the war. The conclusion: there aren't enough people there, and that allowed, among other thing, the coordinated ransacking of Basra by Hussein loyalists. Currently, American troops are not "visible enough on the streets," meaning no one is policing the streets except thugs, and the US "should open 18 provincial offices." Four months after the first round of the war, and we don't have regional offices?

There was this huge argument about going within the administration, and "Rummy" won, sending in a small force to prove what we can do. We did, but we also proved that there is a difference between winning a BATTLE and winning a WAR. A Mind That Suits was disappointed to check back in the journals that supported "liberation light" to find one military expert stamping his foot. Can't we just admit that the light force worked? Ok, we'll admit it. It worked. But can we also admit that a larger force should have been right behind it to secure the safety of the Iraqi people and the WMD sites? And let us not forget our brave young people, mostly young men, who have fought so bravely for the freedom of the people of Iraq. They should not be exposed to needless danger, and their sacrifice should not be squandered by sacrifices to a theory. Leave leftists for that. Conservatives don't believe in sacrificing lives to prove a theory.

As for the Democrats. On "Niger-gate," mainly we have found out that the Democrats are misrpresenting what the President said in his State of the Union speech about Saddam seeking uranium from Niger. The "smoking gun" sentence was all of 16 words, and it began, "The British believe..." The British still believe it. The State Department had information that the report might be false, but the CIA did not. How to sort that one out? The President did the right thing, he mentioned it with qualifiers. Moreover, it turns out that Saddam was known to be shopping around among West African dictators, so if it wasn't Niger, the problem is...? The Democrats could be helpful by, say, pushing for more troops to control Iraq, but you get the impression that the Democratic Party has lost the ability to offer any constructive suggestions. You also get the impression that they might actually like to see Iraq develop into a quagmire, strictly for political reason. Shame, shame.

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