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Tuesday, July 22, 2003 :::
Things Bounce George's Way. There are reports that the US succeeded in finding and killing Saddam's horrific sons, Odai and Qusai, who were responsible for much of the hands-on terrorizing of the Iraqi people. This was a consumation devoutly to be desired, and one hopes that it is true, and that they died slowly, painfully, and filled with terror--and with enough time to repent.

Also, it appears now that the full facts of the horrific BBC scandal are redounding to the disgrace of the BBC itself, which was another consumation devoutly to be desired. Yes, they admitted, the late Dr. Kelly was indeed the source of their allegations that the government "sexed up" their report on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, thought the "reporter" denies misquoting him. Dr. Kelly stated flatly the reporter had, and the shame he felt led him to commit suicide. Perhaps the reporter doesn't understand such concepts as "truth" or "consequences."

And, according to a long analysis in this morning's Wall Street Journal, German Foreign Minister Joshka Fischer made it abundantly clear during a round of interviews and high-level meetings last week that Germany completely rejects the French notion of an isolated, "grand" Europe in comptetition with the US. Germany is part of NATO, and NATO is vital to world peace and stability. As Germany goes, so goes everybody but France, Belgium, and, yes, little tiny Luxembourg. All this is good news, in the perverse way that Odai and Qusai could still be alive, the British public could be mad at the noble Tony Blair, and Germany could be siding with ridiculous Jacques Chirac. None of those horrible things is true, and that is all to the good. It marks the first good news for the Bush Administration in the last month, and it is good for all of us, as well.

This does not make up for too few troops, allowing the WMDs to be stolen, not providing enough safety on the streets, having no idea what kind of money would be used, etc, etc, etc. But it does mean we have time--time to send more men and more money, and to do more. Now. Right now.

Actually, the Bush Administration got good news at the end of the last week, when it was declared that the recession was long over, and had not been that bad. But still, the situation is Bush's to screw up. A Mind That Suits still has faith in him, but it has been severely battered in the last four months.

But let us not forget that the liberation of Iraq was a great and noble cause, that we accomplished it with the fewest civilian deaths in the history of major wars, and that the Iraqi people remain overwhelmingly grateful, and are mainly impatient for us to finish the job properly. For that, A Mind That Suits must say, "Well done, George W. Bush." A Mind That Suits gave a small amount of money to his presidential campaign a full two years before it became the thing to do, and at this point, he is still happy that he did so.

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