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Thursday, August 07, 2003 :::
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How Things Change, But Life Never Does:How Real Talent Fares in Pop Life, and How Lack of Talent is No Bar to Adulation.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. A useful Latin phrase, that one, and well worth remembering. It means "thus passes the glory of the world." And indeed it does.

The phrase came to mind last night as A Mind That Suits tuned in occasionally to see who had made VH-1's list of the "200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons," and where on the list they fell. He held out few hopes, as Aretha Franklin came in just behind Denzel Washington, and neither were even in the top 100. Besides, while Denzel is a great, great actor, is he an icon, exactly?

But late in the evening, a quick flip revealed that the Beatles were up. Figuring this was toward the top of the list, A Mind That Suits paused to enjoy the music and listen to the quotes. None of the people interviewed offered any kind of qualification: "most influential," "most enduring." Realizing that we are talking Pop Culture, and none of the Beatles has been actively pursuing a career for ten years or more, he was prepared to have Elvis, Lucille Ball, and perhaps even the Stones come in above them, however unjust that might be.

He was a little startled to find that they had not made even the Top Ten, being placed only at 12.

Ah, but the kicker was Number 11. The cast of Friends. At which point A Mind That Suits flipped channels quickly.

However, it should be noted that when the Millenium started, the music industry was all abuzz because new acts were not catching on, and the top selling album was by, well, four guys from Liverpool. And a young friend, just off to college next week, has had the Beatles stuck in his head for a solid year.

Nonetheless, sic transit gloria mundi. It is worth remembering.

Guilty Pleasures. A Mind That Suits has noticed that you can pretty much tell how old someone is by their Guilty Pleasures. If they liked the Patridge Family, they are probably just a shade younger than A Mind That Suits. If they opined over Rick Springfield, they are a good 10 years behind. That comes to mind because, overhead, the bland voice of Nancy Sinatra can be heard singing These Boots Are Made for walking. Nancy Sinatra; now THERE is a guilty pleasure. Some years ago, A Mind That Suits realized just how off his 10-year-old musical judgment had been when he heard her greatest single, Something Stupid, after many years. It was, really, one of her father's best, with her "duet" part well back in the mix. Ah, well. It's still a great song.

Several years ago, A Mind That Suits was working at a board dinner for one of the country's largest "not for profit" organizations. (Let's skip any discussion of what "not for profit" really means, as A Mind That Suits will become incensed, and that would not be good.) An invited guest showed up very late, as the board members were leaving and the tables were being cleared. He was thrilled to hear her introduced by her host to another board member, for it was indeed none other than the storied Ms. Sinatra. She was five feet away, so A Mind That Suits looked quickly but intently and saw what looked like the very picture of a New Jersey housewife. Nonetheless, he was thrilled.

And he knew someone else would be as well. The manager that night was exactly the same age as A Mind That Suits, so as soon as he could, he asked the manager if he had seen Nancy Sinatra. The manager stopped dead, his eyes lit up, and he got that sickly smile that betrays the mention of an old love. "Nancy Sinatra was here?"

Some things never change.

Have a good day.

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