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Wednesday, August 06, 2003 :::
Good morning from lovely Wilmington, NC. A Mind That Suits is about to end his vacation, after which he will venture to California for work, and to listen to people complain about the perfect weather.

A brief pause for the usual announcement: those who would like to see Rascall Flatts' video (or Joe Don's..well) or see Deanna Carter naked, can go to www.cmt.com and punch around. I am sure you will find the videos you want on Top 20 Countdown or MWL. Blogspot does not provide a good interface for Mac users, and when traveling, A Mind That Suits uses hisi lovely little iBook, and so cannot add links. Earlier posts, made from the old office PC, have all the links.

If you want to see what I SAID about their videos, and a lot of other things about country music, click on the June 29 archive. It is a strange thing that this blog comes up consistenly in the top five on Google and AOL when people look for these particular things, but you are all welcome. Please stay a while, and read up on other things. There are no nude pictures here of A Mind That Suits (for which you should be grateful) nor of Joe Don, Deanna, or anyone else. But of sterling prose and brilliant insights, there is an abundance.

A few items from the news:

A disturbing item on the obvious and inevitable ran a few days ago in the Journal. Software companies are now peddling software that enables employers to scan everyone's computer for useful information, such as people you know socially that they would like to reach for business purposes. You should just assume that everything on your computer is public, in any case, but now the boss may well be poking around actively. As even the toughest rules cannot prevent humans from being human, there will be bosses who will look for other things, out of meanness, perversion, or sanctimoniousness. So save the work computer for work.

The French government is following its usual self-destructive pattern of shoring up a failing corporation by buying it. If government intervention doesn't work, intervene more, seems to be their motto. But to this usual Gallic denseness there is added a new wrinkle: it faces "EU scrutiny." Now, if there is a way to make sure you cannot do what you want to do for a very long time, it is to bring it to the attention of the EU bureaucracy. The Journal, which ran this item this morning, had a longer article a while ago on how long mergers of European corporations can take, because of the bureacracy. This is only natural: the whole system was designed by the French to control the Germans, and what doesn't work in France is now creeping into every aspect of European life. It is true, as Andrew Sullivan has said, that the US can do nothing to prevent Europe from becoming a superpower. Have you read anything by any American that is opposed to the further integration of European markets? What is going to prevent Europe from becoming a superpower is the way Europeans choose to do things. The future, if there is one, belongs to the Americas and Asia.

On that happy note, you can all now go off looking for naked pictures of Deanna Carter.

Or not.

Have a good one.

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