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Saturday, August 23, 2003 :::
A Mind That Suits is off home to DC, and so will be incommunicado Saturday. The promised lengthier blog, inspired by something written by Allen Drury 15 years ago, will have to wait: there may be an article in it. But A Mind That Suits will be back at the old stand, ready to link and expostulate with the best of them. Until then, some random thoughts:

Friday's Wall Street Journal brings a lengthy front page article about the transfer of power at Karbala, Iraq, from our Marines to Bulgarian soldiers. The Bulgarians were appalled at the political duties demanded of them, so appalled that they refused, and will simply handle security. A rational decision.

As, no doubt, is the decision to help spread the burden among our allies.

However, it is now 6, 7 weeks since a blue ribbon panel sent by the Department of Defense determined that the number one priority was more people on the ground. In Karbala, we are going from 1000 Marines to 400 Bulgarian soldiers. That is not "more."

Further, there are triumphant snickers among the more gung-ho that indeed we have found all the weapons of mass destruction we need to justify our war, but that George W. Bush is waiting for a good moment to make a Big Announcement. Meanwhile, the leaders of all the smaller countries the defied France and Germany and joined us are going through complete hell. But, the Journal reports, we found a notebook with sites listed in it in April or May. It was passed up the chain of command, and has been lost.

This is not good.

A different kind of beauty. Dwellers on the East Coast are preparing for the second burst of color, during fall, when roses come out from hiding against the heat and deciduous trees turn glorious shades. California doesn't get that. The flowers just aren't as great, although the oleanders look wonderful along the highways right now. But California is a symphony of shades of brown and green. Two trees right next to each other will have different colored trunks and leaves, and bushes of various shades stand out against the varriegated browns of the grasses. Truly stunning.

With that, A Mind That Suits is off to bed, and a long trip back home, since he travels cheap. Everything will be back up to normal on Monday. Sunday may bring something, you never know, but Monday we are up and running...

Have a great weekend...

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