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Friday, September 26, 2003 :::
California, again...The Renaissance: A Mind That Suits dominates one of history's most epochal, er, epochs...

A Mind That Suits must take his hat off to Mr. Arnold Not-Sure-How-to-Spell-His-Last-Name. He published a clear, if longwinded, explanation of his economic views earlier this week in the indispensible Wall Street Journal, , and then he appeared clear and focused during the recent debate among the top five candidates in the recall. (Skip the first 2/3 of the economics piece. Trust me.)

A Mind That Suits has, for many years, maintained that Mr. Austrian-Body-Builder-Whose-Name-He-Can-Pronounce-With-A-Clear-German-Accent-But-Cannot-Spell-With-Confidence is one really brilliant man. As he commented to a professor once, Ahhhnold could write a book, a real book, that was worth reading.

It appears that the best candidate, State Sen. McClintock, will drop out of the race, and so A Mind That Suits, on the off chance he has any readers in California, reluctantly says that, social liberal though he is, Arnold--let's see now--Schwartzennegger is the best man. Oops--looked it up. Delete the "t."

The Heavily-Accented One has been helped by the fact that Cruz Bustamante, while probably an honorable man, has fallen into the traps endemic to the leftish, "government as Santa Claus" view of the world. Not only is he led around by the nose by a union leader, but he diced the wording of campaign laws this way and that to get money from the deeply immoral Native American gambling interests. (No group was ever helped in any substantial way by making irresponsible wagering the basis of its economy.) THe courts ruled against him, which must have hurt a man who clearly thinks the courts are better than the voters in determining what is "democratic," as opposed to Democratic. In a perverse kind of way, A Mind That Suits wishes Cruz Bustamante on the voters of California, until they realize the foolishness of their tax-and-spend ways.

But he must take his hat off to Arnold Schwarzenneger, and admit that California will be better off, by and large, under his stewardship.

Although it remains to be seen if a man who believes in sexual license can indeed control spending. Really, honestly, if you think the highest form of happiness is sticking your privates into somebody else's, you tend to believe that the government is a better steward of the economy. In a Schwarzenegger economy, it will be interesting which half of Arnold's impulses wins.

Even more interesting is the Cheshire Cat performance of Bill Clinton. When Gray Davis seemed salvageable, the former President was all over him. Now that no one really wants him, why, Bill has other things to do. If there ever was anyone who could read the polls before they were published, it is William Jefferson Clinton. And if A Mind That Suits were currently governor of California, he would be seriously polishing his resume.

A Mind That Suits has a soft spot for the Renaissance, having studied it in grad school and having spent many a happy hour traipsing around Italy. (Or is that "trapsing?" No dictionary at hand.) So he wishes well the person who was looking for the "California Association of Renaissance Scholars," pausing only to wonder how a search engine could possible have listed A Mind That Suits as the ONLY website it found for this poor person. And yet he was.

He is sure that he has never entered those five words in that order ever, under any circumstances, in any way. Whoever it was has also entered the ranks of the Weirdest Imaginable Ways to Find A Mind That Suits, along with "Mermaid Tail Swimming Suits for Boys" and "1920's Men's Suits."

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