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Monday, September 22, 2003 :::
DC is still somewhat desolate, though we are all back at work today, comparing war stories. Mt. Pleasant was not hit at all; a half mile away, the multi-million dollar homes are still in the dark, apparently. One lucky coworker was on vacation on the South Carolina coast, well out of the reach of the lovely Isabel. Hurricanes tend to suck all the bad weather out of the surrounding areas--the better to beat up on everyone, one supposes--so she had one week of nearly perfect weather, punctuated by one day of rain. It is important to admit how lucky one has been, and be grateful for it, and, this writer must admit, he was very lucky indeed.

For all the news this morning, A Mind That Suits finds himself strangely quiet. He notes with gratitude the continuing trickle of visitors referred by Rachela over at Rambles and By-ways. He has found pleasure and edification in reading what she writes, and so I do not hesitate to return the favor and recommend her blog to you.

One simple note: "lumieres" was mistranslated in yesterday's blog, which, if you have not read it, you should (he says with all due modesty). "Lumiere" means "light," which sprang to mind about two minutes after the blog was posted and A Mind That Suits was on to other things. A quick check of the dictionary reveals that it actually means "natural light," which, in the context in which it was used, is very annoying. Yesterday's blog has been corrected.

And then this: when a lad, A Mind That Suits learned that the titles of major works of art were underlined when handwritten and italicized when printed. Shorter works were put in quotes. Thus, War and Peace, or Revolver, and "Tomorrow Never Knows," or "Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood." A Mind That Suits, years ago, read a superb book on American Popular Song--he believes that was the title--in which that convention was reversed. Now, there seems to be no sense to it whatsoever, with parts of larger works getting italicized right along with the titles of the entire works. Anyone know what happened? It seems strange to complain, but the loss of clarity is a real loss.

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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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