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Tuesday, September 30, 2003 :::
In telling us why W. is not in trouble next year, Fred Barnes listed the Democrats themselves as a reason W. need not fear the Democrats. Indeed, if things turn out on this CIA scandal as they seem to be, the Democrats will have revealed that they are toothless. Bob Novak now says emphatically that he was not deliberately called to be given the name of the CIA "operative;" her name came up in a regular interview. The CIA asked him not to use her name, but never described her as working undercover. And the law only covers "covert" operatives. Technically, all CIA employees (as are all DIA and DEA employees) are "covert." But the law in question does not cover them, apparently. (If you lived in DC prior to about 1995, you invariably had friends who worked "for the government" but never said with what agency.) All of this is covered fairly thoroughly on the Best of the Web today--see link on right.

Yesterday, A Mind That Suits had occasion to refer to Strom Thurmond, in his blatantly racist days, as "drooling, raving racist scum." If ever there were a case of what's in the heart coming out of the mouth, it's old Strom. He was never easy to listen to, but if you can still track down the sound bite from his Dixiecrat segregationist convention speech in 1948, what you hear is ugly spite. Later in life, he just sounded like an old man.

And it was the rule of law that did it to him. The application of the Constitution to Southern voting laws meant that Strom had to appeal to Black voters, which he did effectively. He was, in the mid-1980's, the top vote-getter among Blacks of any Republican with the exception, one thinks, of Tom Kean in New Jersey. Let's hear it for the rule of law.

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