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Monday, September 22, 2003 :::
The mail box brings happy confirmation of the impression that the Weekly Standard has decided to wage a full out campaign for MORE TROOPS NOW. A Mind That Suits would like to say, "welcome to the side of the angels." One of their writers should make public amends for having referred to those of us who wanted a bigger army in April as "heavy army tread heads," but he too has come round so we will just welcome him as well without further comment. Now is not the time for gloating; now is the time for troops--many, many more of them, now.

In last week's issue, there are superb articles by Frederick Kagan, on the military problems, and Reuel Marc Gerecht, on how fast the Iraqis can take over their own affairs. In the cursed way of subscriptions, that issue just arrived in the old mail box, even though one could easily throw a rock from the post office to the Weekly Standard's editorial offices, not that one would want to do that.

The current issue is on the newsstands, and available on line. A Mind That Suits can hardly wait to see who next says, with greater expertise, that which this blog has maintained since April 10, but, alas, the Weekly Standard has the worst website software in history, apparently, as it is always painfully slow and not infrequently fails to load at all. Waiting for the mail may be faster.

In any case, welcome to The Weekly Standard, and bring out your biggest guns. The time is late, and the need is enormous.

To compensate for the worst website system, the Weekly Standard has now what may be the best review section of any major publication, although that of the National Review is also superb. If you can get it to load, the article on Virgil looks fascinating.

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