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Wednesday, September 10, 2003 :::
When one gets what one has been seeking for a very long time, one does not know what to do, honestly. Regular readers of this blog (and you know who you are!) know that A Mind That Suits believes very strongly that--from a classically conservative point of view--the Administration's entire Iraq policy has been very badly conceived right from the start.

And in complaining, where do we start? The complete lack of plan to introduce a hard currency? The late and incomplete planning to find Weapons of Mass Destruction? The lack of a plan to deploy military command units to all 19 provincial capitals the minute Baghdad was secured? The lost document with a list of WMD sites?

Or the lack of troops?

On the domestic front, the main complaint is with the conservative press. Yesterday's Wall Street Journal brings news that congressional Republicans no longer wish to talk to the Defense Department, so completely have they been discredited. But you would never know it from the editorial columns of the major conservative press.

Until this morning, which brought the most recent edition of the Weekly Standard (dated September 15.) The Standard, a superb publication, was right out in front advocating the war, and in promoting the doctrine of "Liberation Light," a favorite of Secretary Rumsfeld's, which runs counter to long standing US military doctrine. Or to put it more bluntly, as Colin Powell once said, "when people start talking about 'surgical strikes,' I get nervous." But doubts began to creep into its pages a while ago, including the blunt and sensible advice from Editor William Kristol to the Democrats: Why don't you constructively criticize the Administration's policy and advocate more troops?

This morning, we find an entire issue of the Weekly Standard dedicated to a full and free debate on the current situation in Iraq. It marks a first in the conservative press since the war began, and this distinguished blog can only add, "Late, but great."

Run, therefore, and do not walk, to your nearest newsstand and find real experts saying what they should have been saying on, oh, about May 1.

Or check out the highlights at www.weeklystandard.com

Have a good one...

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