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Monday, October 20, 2003 :::
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In news that does not matter, but does, a letter has surfaced from Princess Diana in which she predicted her own death by car accident. She accuses one specific person of wanting her to die, and it will come out, one supposes, in an inquiry. And it is not entirely out of the question that this means that the gravely conflicted Charles may never reign as King. And that Britain will not see the 1000th anniversary of its royal family. English history begins with William the Conqueror in 1066, and the line from him to Prince William is direct, with a lateral break in 1712. 50 some=odd people were passed over for the throne at that point, in the desire to have a Protestant king, but they were all related.

A Mind That Suits must first issue a retraction. The far more interesting story about Diana is that she lived a tragic and doomed life, where she dreamed that marriage to the Prince of Wales would erase the pain of horrible childhood under the care of self-serving and loveless aristocrats. She was heir of one of England's oldest families--the SpenCers of today come from the same town as Edmund SpenSer, England's second greatest poet--but everything was wrong about her life. But now it appears that a self-serving but honest butler--apparently her preferred agent for stowing stuff--has a letter saying she thought she was going to be killed exactly the way she was. So maybe there is some mundane bit of murder afoot here.

We will now have to find out. A Mind That Suits has assumed that the story was closed, and that Prince William, heir to the strong Danish frame of his father and the looks of his mother, was going to bury all rumor and lead the family into the 21st Century. (Prince Phillip, the Prince Consort and William's grandfather, is from the Greek royal family, but they were Danish.) It is not too much to predict that, if the public outcry is too much, Britain may lose its monarchy, as the family has proven unequal to the rather limited tasks that the British public expects of it.

A Mind That Suit would like to add that one of the greatest thrills of his life was coming off an elevator into a foyer where Princess Diana was bent over in conference with Elizabeth Dole. The lights were low, and Diana was backlit. And perfect. Never was there such a vision of beauty, at least in the experience of A Mind That Suits. If she was murdered-and A Mind That Suits continues to entertain doubts about that--then it is an even greater pity, if a somewhat less interesting story.

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