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Sunday, October 05, 2003 :::
For those of you who are interested, there is a new, very brief, post today on The Fullness of Him about suffering. Reference is also made to dear Karen Lord, a good friend now gone for two years who fought bravely and tenaciously on behalf of the persecuted Church around the world.

In the depressing news, the Post ran an article about the introduction of a new currency in Iraq. If memory serves, this marks actually the fourth time we have tried to introduce new money there. As it now appears that it was a matter of indifference if we invaded in April or June, one has to wonder why the following conversation did not take place:

"What kind of economy do they have?"

"Pure Communist, as defined by Stalin and Mao."

"What will we most need to do when we get there?"

"Introduce a stable currency so people can trade freely."

"Do we have any experience in this?"

"Yes, because of the rapid change from Communism in many European countries over the last 15 years, in addition to various Third World countries like Nicaragua (a failure) and Chile (an enormous success)."

"Please have a report on my desk in three weeks on what must be done, and we don't go in until we have the basic policy in place and we have printed currency that cannot be counterfeited using eighty-dollar plug-ins from Adobe."

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