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Wednesday, October 08, 2003 :::
Now A Mind That Suits must learn how to spell Schwarzenegger. He guesses that is right.

And he has a humble suggestion.

The results put A Mind That Suits in mind of one his favorite films, The Candidate starring Robert Redford. Yes, yes, the name 'Redford' in connection with politics is enough to make any conservative gag, but he is a fine actor, and his stewardship of the Sundance Film Festival has ensured that filmmaking has another tether other than profit.

And the Candidate is simply a wonderful film. It doesn't seem to be everywhere, the way it was in the 1970's, which is a pity. It chronicles the suprise political career of a young social activist recruited by the Democrats to be their Senate candidate against a conservative Republican incumbent who is thought to be unbeatable. An old friend,a political hack, convinces him that it would be good for the publicity, but, lo and behold, the incumbent has chinks in his armor and the public likes the photogenic activist. So the party hacks start shaping the candidate to their liking, and he begins to feel pulled further and further from the things he actually believes. In the end, he actually wins. Overcome with a kind of bewildered revulsion, he pulls the friend who got him into this mess into a room, and expresses his disatisfaction. His adoring supporters find him and swarm the room just as Redford finally blurts out, "now what?" to his friend, who cannot hear him for the shouting and shrugs his shoulders.

And so the question for Arnold is, "now what?"

The problem is that, sensing overwhelming defeat, the Democrats hurriedly passed a bunch of "labor" laws that are guaranteed to make California's business climate even worse than it is now, and so A Mind That Suits would like to repeat his belief that the best thing that could have happened to the Californians is if they had elected Cruz Bustamante and been forced to realize that it is not Gray Davis, but their insatiable apetite for government programs that is causing their misery.

And let us also remember what got the Republicans into their "what now?" dilemma: the personal ambition of Congressman Daryl Issa, who paid for the recall drive but withdrew--in tears--immediately upon Arnold's surprise entrance into the race. That was it. He should be punished.

And let us remember that after an absolutely horrendous start, Arnold corrected himself and ran a nearly spotless campaign.

Except for the part about being a creep. That was a little surprise. The Best of the Web referred to it as the Clinton Legacy--that such a seedy background is deemed irrelevant by the voters.

But here he is, and A Mind That Suits would like to offer a humble answer to "what now?" Ahnold should copy Ronnie. The Great American Post-War President, when governor, backed a tax reform proposition named "Proposition 1," in the early 1970's. It failed, but set the stage for the Jarvis-Gann Amendment a few years later, which sparked the Republican Revolution of the next few years.

Arnold should do the same. He cannot get the Democrats to even consider repealing the laws they just passed; for one thing, the Assembly Speaker has near dictatorial powers and determines the legislative calendar. (He even determines what members of the minority party serve on which committee, or at least he used to into the 1980's.)

But California has its famous proposition sytem, whereby voters themselves vote on many laws.So Arnold should craft one proposition establishing the kind of tax system that California needs, and another repealing the most onerous anti-business laws and regulations. When they go down in flames--as the Left will run a vicious, dishonest campaign against them--he should make that the rallying cry for his re-election in three short years.

Time to get to work, Arnie.

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