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Friday, October 03, 2003 :::
A Serious Concluding Thought, and Greetings to Those from Powerline looking for news of Allen Drury.

For a response to the intelligence briefing on Weapons of Mass Destruction, please scroll down.

A moment's reflection brings this afterthought.

There are three things that all conservatives need to debate openly: the intelligence debacle on Weapons of Mass Destruction, the now well-documented haste and sloppiness of the planning for the administration of a Free Iraq and the search for the weapons, and Donald Rumsfeld's revolutionary strategy of Liberation Lite.

That debate has been started--most notably in the pages of the Weekly Standard--but those who think none of this should be discussed, or that the most important thing is discrediting the left, should lay down their weapons and talk respectfully to those of us who disagree with them. This is not going to go away, this mess, and we need to make sure--together--that it doesn't get any worse.

Allen DruryNow, thanks to the fine writers at Powerline for noticing this humble blog this morning. Indeed, I have been doing research in the Allen Drury archives, and some writing, off and on for a while, but I am about to get very busy. I hope to have the project largely complete within 6 months.

When I told the Powerline Guys that I had not done much work here at A Mind That Suits, I meant in a techie sense. There has been a lot of writing, and the next few posts after this should give you an idea of my politics. There are also chrestomathies around August 10 so you can see what else there is here. Nice to have you all visit!

I was glad to see that the Powerline Guys are being bold and honest about the WMD report, as I think all of us who support President Bush must be. I rather expected they would be, but now is a time for loyal honesty and it is nice to see. I do not share their view that all is lost, but I have had my doubts about the conduct of the war since April 10.

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