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Wednesday, October 15, 2003 :::
Sorry for the delay, dear friends, but today is a day for other things. Please take a look at the sites added under "web friends" over at the right.

In the intolerable transportation problems category, rush hour this morning in DC was a complete disaster again, as the Beltway was shut down by a major accident, and the Metro's Redline was afflicted with a number of errors. They even closed stations so no one else could come in, as platforms were getting crowded and unsafe. What a mess.

Of course, that does mean that thousands of bureaucrats were prevented from doing their jobs for an hour or more, and that is all to the good.

Frat Boy

The President yesterday lashed out at claims that the Administration has not been getting its message out because there has been ferocious infighting behind closed doors. Nothing like pointing to your chin and saying, "Hit me here."

Comparisons with Ronald Reagan are natural, and in this W. is showing just how Reagan-like he can be. The Great Communicator let his staff fight endlessly, and then did what he wanted to. People were inspired by him, but working for him was not easy.

It is always important to remember that the character of every Administration is determined by the President. This is a man who took a vacation the last weekend before an election, a weekend dominated by news of a DWI that he had lied about. That's why you know what a dangling chad is.

That urge to coast is apparently irresistible. Indeed, at one press conference where he acknowledged the missing WMD problem, the President seemed supremely confident and almost dismissive, according to reports. But then came the disaster of the request for the $87 billion and the shock of the rank and file who had believed that there really had been no problems. Much too late, the reconstruction effort is being radically reorganized and "Rummy" is publicly whining. Now that the Administration is out in public telling its story, the polls have stabilized.

Why weren't they out earlier? Partly it was the infighting, no doubt. Far more importantly, George the Cocky Frat Boy, it seems, is still with us, and he makes his appearance at the most inopportune times.

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