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Thursday, October 02, 2003 :::
Three small notes. For a comment on the scandal, please see next post.

The Washington Post Express said this morning that Arnold in front of every recall candidate. That would be easy. There is only ONE recall candidate. The other 134 with names on the ballot are all candidates for election.

The same Express--a 16 page tabloid handed out for free to passengers--had a small notice that, until recently, people could not get married in China, or get passports, without the express permission of their employers. When that law was passed, no doubt, there was only one employer in China, and do you remember hearing when Western reporters routinely praised Chairman Mao? I don't either, although much worse things were going on than that.

Speaking of the subway, A Mind That Suits took up driving in part because of near incessant delays caused by incessant repairs caused by abysmal planning. The only part of the original system that was not waterproofed, most glaringly, was that part that ran under Rock Creek. That's right. Under a small river. Trains got crowded and people were rude.

Well, those repairs are finished, and things are much better. But one things has not changed. Quite a few years ago, long before A Mind That Suits stopped using the train, Metro introduced more complicated machines that could give you different kinds of passes and also allow you to pay with a credit or debit card. A Mind That Suits took time to figure out how they worked, and was always able to get a ticket quickly because most people were afraid to use the new machines.

He still is, because they still are. People are still afraid of them, there are still no lines, and A Mind That Suits comfortably slips passed the people who are forced to wait, however impatiently, in lines for the simpler machines simply because they have, for 8 years, been too impatient to learn the more complicated ones.

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