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Friday, October 24, 2003 :::
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Princess Diana...What Did Saddam Plan...

A Mind That Suits, for no reason whatsoever, makes two points, one of no importance whatsoever.

That would be that the regrettable brother of Princess Diana, Champagne Charlie, the current Earl of Spencer, commented that the letter that surfaced from the late, lovely, slightly unhinged Princess was probably the product of a fevered, paranoid imagination. Although he hates to admit it, A Mind That Suits agrees. Unless she received threats about being killed in a car, she probably was just imagining things, which is understandable, given how her fairy tale life had turned out. We don't yet know who she fingered in the letter as her imagined persecutor.

Charlie, it should be remembered, refused to allow Diana the use of a "cottage" on the family estate a year before her death, when she was looking for a quiet place away from the crowds that ultimately killed her. That of course makes him an expert commentator on her mental state. It is true that she seemed to gain her footing only a few short months before her tragic death.

Charlie's nephew, William, second in line to the throne and blessed with the (Danish) Mountbatten physique and (Veddy English) Spencer looks, seems to be at this point so free of pretense to propriety that he will probably serve the weakened British monarchy very well in these tattered times.

A Mind That Suits has been giving some thought to the question of whether or not Saddam actually planned the looting. There are four possibilities: Saddam planned on tricking us with fake troops and really attacking us with the sabotage that followed, a subordinate or group of subordinates realized the boss had gone round the bend and did some planning of their own, individual leaders from each department of the terror and oppression machine hit on the same idea themselves, or the crowd spontaneously targeted just exactly those buildings that would most effectively prevent us from properly administering the country. Point Four, obviously, seems to this writer to be absurd, and suspects on reflection that it was some combination of the second and third. He will return to that point this weekend.

Or perhaps the Earl of Spencer planned it all...oooo--WEEE--ooo....

have a good weekend...

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