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Friday, November 28, 2003 :::
Bush in Iraq...Henninger on the Democrats...One Lousy Movie...Who Ratted to A Mind That Suits on the Filthy Intensions of Teenage Boys...

The world is full of comment, of course, about President Bush's trip to Iraq. It was a bold gesture, typical of the man, but probably not bold enough. A formal meeting with the Iraqi Governing Council and other leaders would have been good, although it could have been arranged for Kuwait or Qatar or somewhere more safe. The Wall Street Journal Afternoon Report (for subscribers only) reports that no Iraqis were impressed, and that was to be expected. And it only counts for our troops if it is followed up by improved reports to the Commander in Chief about what his troops are facing.

The man is superb in working a room, one must say, and the look on the troops as the Commander in Chief served them Thanksgiving dinner said a lot.

It is Friday and, as usual, Daniel Henninger has a superb piece over at www.opinionjournal.com on just how miserable the Democrat field is. As does A Mind That Suits, Mr. Henninger is fairly convinced that the Only Candidate Who Could Give Bush A Run For His Money will not throw her designer hat into the ring, as the economy is surging ahead, including job creation. Should somehting happen in Iraq, she might. She has the organization in place, and enough money to run full tilt for three years. But, as with re-entry into the earth's atmosphere, there is a point past which presidentail hopefuls cannot keep their options open any longer and must decide. We are very close to past that point. It would take a complete meltdown of the candidates in Iowa, New Hampshire, and the early primaries to make it worth her while. Or disaster in Iraq, which we hope and pray will not happen. Barrin that, it appears that Mr. Bush will not merely coast, but soar to re-election, and more power to him. A Mind That Suits gave him money before anyone took him seriously, and wishes him all the best.

The Haunted Mansion. Do not see it. It is, as one of the younger members of last night's posse put it, exactly like going through the ride. Eddie Murphy is, really, still up to par and fully capable of carrying a movie. So why someone does not write something good for him is the question.

A Mind That Suits would like to clarify that the young informant on the foul intentions of teenage boys was NOT one of the children of the group of mothers mentioned, just in case any of them find their way to this site and feel the urge to grill their kids mercilessly on the point.

This week in Wilmington does not lend itself to intense blogging, which will commence again on Saturday

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