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Saturday, November 08, 2003 :::
Clarification. In yesterday's blog, although I used the word "think," the quote marks may give the impression that my least favoriet cabinet member actually said what's in the quotes, so to make it clear, I have added the word "apparently." I really have to slow down while typing.

Over at other blogs, One Good Turn has a dead on assessment of Quentin Tarantino.

Xavier+ has some good thoughts on Christians and slavery, and a funny quote about West Wing, the TV show.

Speaking of people who would like to work in the actual West Wing, A Dog's Life contains confirmation of what a political consultant said at the old monthly poker match last night, to whit, Howard Dean is going to implode. The Confederate Flag thing might have blown over, but apparently he made a desparate attempt to right himself in Tallahassee, FL, the other day and this partly Southern boy thinks he managed to insult all of Southern culture in one fell swoop. As quoted in the Miami Herald, he said, ``We have got to stop having our elections in the South based on race, guns, God and gays and start having them on jobs and health insurance and foreign policy.''

Now what he meant is that both sides of the debate should just bury the hatchet on those and worry about other more important issues.

Except those really are important issues.

And it is worth remembering that the huge influx of Northerners down South indeed did a lot to temper the rhetoric down there, but those very same Northerner also moved South in the first place because they had experienced the excesses of government by the Democratic Party and didn't like the experience one bit.

Super Tuesday is mainly Southern States, (or at least it used to be until Terry McAuliffe convinced himself and other Democrats to end the primary season early and move on to the general election fight, so now most of the primaries will be over by March. Maybe there is not even a Super Tuesday anymore.) In any case the South is a hugely important part of the country economically and politically, and the Vermont Doctor seems to have done what John McCain did after his post-New Hampshire bounce: insult that entire hugely important region. McCain, you will recall, condemned the Religious Right in South Carolina, with Gary Bauer, a leader of the same Religious Right who had gone out on a limb to support him, standing right next to him. After that, it was pretty much bye-bye John.

Dean may have had a point. That was not the way to make it.

In case you noticed the reference to the monthly friendly poker match, it is indeed true that another of the many vices of A Mind That Suits has been exposed. It's 10-cent ante, which has to be the 2003 equivalent of penny-ante. A Mind That Suits went home with $8.90 over the $6 with which he bought his chips to enter the game. The winnings covered the money he spent on his contribution of a cheap bottle of wine (Koala Blue, made by Olivia Newton-John and quite decent) and those other kind of chips, the corn kind without which guys cannot seem to live.

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