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Sunday, November 09, 2003 :::
How Poker Teaches You About Life and Grammar, in a Sort of Silly Way.

In the evening of cards described in the two posts below, it was suggested that we all play Omaha, a variation of Texas Hold'em. In Hold'em, you get two cards face down and play a common flop of 5. In Omaha, you get 4 cards face down, and, it was said, "you must play two." Given the rules of Texas Hold'em (play any combination, so far as this writer knows), the rule for Omaha obviously meant "you must play at least two" of your own cards.

A Mind That Suits was promptly dealt three of a suit, and began to bet on a flush, which did not pan out, so he exited the round late but in time to save his skin. On the next hand, it came out that what was meant was "you must play only two of the cards in your own hand." He was abused for pointing this out, but he was correct. Or at least partly.

"You can play two" means you can play two or fewer.
"You must play two" means you must play two but can play more.
"You must play only two" means you cannot play more, but to be sure everyone does not think you can play fewer, you should say "you must play two and only two."
And, yes, the difference is important.
And that's the way it is, Sunday, November 9.

And, boy, did A Mind That Suits just date himself...

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