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Friday, November 21, 2003 :::
One thing that should be clear by now is that it was right and just to liberate Iraq, and that the Iraqi people themselves don't want us to leave until they have had a chance to get on their feet. Which is not going to happen soon.

The war, moreover, was a central and essential part of a larger war against terrorism, and nothing should take our eyes off that. Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal has a stirring piece on that very point this morning. It is very worth reading.

In fact, on Friday, this blog should just link you all to opinionjournal.com and remind you to read his work. A great writer and observer.

The stepped-up schedule for handing over political control of Iraq to Iraqis has inspired the more vocal supporters of our Secretary of Defense to cry "hold on a second." This is a welcome development, as those of us who have problems with the way he does things may now be allowed a little more voice. But the Administration is right: we cannot govern the country for them, and they will only start fighting each other if not forced to work together. What we should not do is stamp "trained by the USA" on security forces that have not been trained, or pull out our troops any time soon. There should in fact be more of them.

Those are not minor points, but the even larger point is that the war was just, and must be continued for some time to come. Please read Mr. Henninger's stirring column, and, while you are at it, read the President's stirring speech, which this writer has not yet done in full.

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