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Wednesday, November 05, 2003 :::
"Scrushy indicted." No matter how many ways one looks at it, it appears that the US government is after a toy "appropriate for children ages 3-5," probably with long hair and a soft belly.

However, the headlines refer to the former chairman of HealthSouth, Richard M. Scrushy, and no matter how ways one looks at it, somebody appears to have robbed the corporatoin of $2.7 billion through fraudulent bookkeeping. HealthSouth presumably made this money off of ill people. If Mr. Scrushy is not guilty, we certainly hope the guilty party is found, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, as the saying goes.

Or at least the saying went that wa when a certain other chap named 'Richard M." was the chief executive of an even larger concern.

This month's surveys bring crushing news to the old broadcast networks and all their late night stars except Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. The networks continue to hemorrage viewers, particularly among males 18-34, who are the most likely to waste money, uh, oops, who are the main target of most advertisers. Jay and Conan are flat, showing no change up or down, which is a triumph of sorts. Good ol'Dave continues to spiral down, and frankly that seems like a fitting comeuppance for the contempt he obviously feels for much of his audience and many of his guests. When firing on all cylinders, he may be able to dish it out faster than Leno, but he rests on running jokes far more often than is healthy. (E.g., "Buttafuocco" made an appearance in Letterman routines long after we had forgotten him or the Long Island Lolita.) Jay works hard and tries to aim out rather than down. He worked for the Tonight Show spot by endlessly touring and meeting with NBC affiliate managers. Dave wanted it offered to him as his just reward. The just reward of hard work is the better job, and that is what Jay got. But the networks' days are numbered, and Jay is doing little more than keeping his head above water, while everyone else sinks.

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