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Wednesday, November 12, 2003 :::
This fall has been lovely in the most beautiful city in America, because fall is the most beautiful season that Washington has, and it is the longest. Beauty comes with a price, however, and the long stretch guarantees variability, paritcularly with the jet stream snapping north or south on a whim. Today is dreary and gray, a nearly perfect warm temperature spoiled by a sticky wetness that guarantees persperation after even the tiniest exertion. But that comes after a week of crystal clear skies and brisk fall weather, and even one or two days of winter cold. There is no heat in the office granted A Mind That Suits, because the lovely offices were carved from an old architecture studio, but on a budget. Each room was given a nice looking radiator cover, but the old radiator was not extended, so the radiator cover a few feet away hides some pipe and a few "fins," but not enough. And the office is just across the hall from the back stair case, which has a perennially open window, providing the office with a nice flow of icy air during the winter. A box of plastic sheeting for the windows is sitting on the sill at this very moment. A Mind That Suits was castigating himself for not getting it up last weekend, but this morning he is grateful for the gentle cool of his office. And he must be busy today, so more timely thoughts must await discussion until tomorrow.


A Mind That Suits would like to alter that a little: the sun has not burned through, the temperature is nowhere near what the Post says it is going to get to, and the old office has sunk into a biting chill. Ah, well. The heat's not on yet, so everyone else is getting the same treatment.

Have a good one...

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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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