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Monday, December 08, 2003 :::
Another busy day, so nothing new to say.

If you want your stomach turned, please go to the indispensible Memri website and view a video that furthers the classic "blood libel" by actually dramatizing it. That is the libel that says Passover matzoh must be leavened with the blood of a Christian child. The video is amateurish, and was broadcast by a network associated with Hesbollah. It was produced, however, by Syrian TV. You can see the video here . Not a pleasant thing, but it is worth noting that this kind of thing is going on, and is believed by just enough people to make it troublesome. If you have time and a strong stomach, you may also wish to read this article from this morning's Journal, on the UN, which was created after all to prevent further Holocausts, and its inability to confront anti-semitism.

So that's a grim note for Monday. There will be a post on the Second Week of Advent over at The Fullness of Him tomorrow.

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