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Tuesday, December 09, 2003 :::
Another hopelessly busy day in the run-up to Roma! It's hard to concentrate the a week of doing nothing in the most lazily majestic city on the planet looms.

But this bit of funny:

The indispensible Wall Street Journal a little while ago ran an article by French thinker Berard-Henri Levy explaining what he and his colleagues were trying to do when they staged "peace talks" in Geneva between dissident Israeli and Palestinian figures, which talks produced an entirely bogus and unrealistic "peace plan." This drew the ire of many letter writers, which were published today under the headline "The Geneva Plan: A Travesty of Irrational Thinking. "

This headline drew the following response from A Mind That Suits:

To the Editor:

I, too, find it shocking that a thinker as distinguished as Bernard-Henri Levy could produce "A Travesty of Irrational Thinking," as the headline on this morning's letters column put it. The rules of irrational thinking are so well known that you would think he would do the thing up properly, instead of trying to wing it. Just think how much more irrational the plan could have been if he and his fellow "negotiators" had stuck to the tried and true.

Which is exactly what they did, come to think of it, which makes their plan an "exemplar of irrational thinking," and a travesty of genuine efforts to make peace.

A Mind That Suits

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