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Wednesday, December 17, 2003 :::
A Brief Moment To Gloat in a Sad Way. Regular readers of this page will know that it has maintained, for a while, that the "insurgency," so-called, was in fact part of Saddam Hussein's war plan all along. Aware that he had terrorized his own people to such an extent that they would never defend him, he counted on American fear of blood and Iraqi fear of Saddam himselfto bring him back to power after a brief interruption. At first, when he was caught in a hole, he appeared to be a disoriented fool who was well out of it, and so even this writer concluded that there was no plan to "fall back and terrorize."

Ahh, but the documents in his brief case apparently reveal that in fact the terror cells that have been inflicting so much damage were being coordinated, why, from a hole in Tikrit. The only other person who maintained this consistently was one of the division commanders on the ground in Iraq. A little research is going to be necessary to find his name, but aside from that, it was A Mind That Suits and him.

You read it here first. This writer has endured the polite skepticism of a very prominent writer and a prominent but quiet member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The theorist is rather more tolerant than he should be of this writer's e-mail habits, and the CFR member makes a very good Tuesday night pizza-and-burger companion, so they may be more than forgiven.

If all this is true, this means that the war was indeed badly planned--as such a feint is a well-established part of both Leninist and Stalinist thinking, and should have been an obvious option to consider--and that the capture of Saddam brings with it more hope for the future than would have been reasonable one week ago.

Go, our guys, and hats off to this blog. If A Mind That Suits may say so himself. More tomorrow.

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