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Thursday, December 11, 2003 :::
A Great Man Passes Away...The Ultimate Guy Museum Opens Its Doors...Providing Merriment for the Kids...

Robert Bartley, RIP. Yesterday, long-time Wall Street Journal editor Robert Bartley passed away at the untimely age of 66, due to cancer. I became addicted to the Journal just as Mr. Bartley had moved from the editorial page to the helm of the whole paper, and have never swerved from my devotion to it. He bragged that he created the only editorial page that actually sold newspapers, and it is that which begins my day. There are few thinkers with which I have agreed so often, and he was a writer of sublime talents, as can be seen at this sampling offered by this morning's Editorial Page.

And if you go to opionjournal.com , you will find a selection of fitting tributes to him.

The Guy Museum. Last night, your humble correspondent got to see the new Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum. What it is, is a great big hanger with all the coolest aircraft that have ever been. The Space Shuttle Enterprise, a B-2 Bomber, and the Concorde all share this magnificent hall with bi-plances and WWII fighters. "Cool" is the word. It is at Dulles Airport, and probably it will be possible to take a shuttle from the terminal if you are there on a long lay-over. Do not miss it.

Another Thing Not To Do in the Presence of Undergraduates. When confronted with obviously panicked freshman ladies who exclaim 'There has to be another computer lab somewhere" when they find their plans to print out a paper at the last minute are foiled by the finals being taken in the one they knew about, do not say "1st floor or g." They will look at you blankly and ask you as politely as they can what you mean. When you repeat it slowly enought that they understand, they will thank you politely and run off. When the door to the stairwell closes, they will shriek with laughter about a "1st floor orgy." And thus you will pass on to campus legend.

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