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Tuesday, December 16, 2003 :::
While the world cheers the capture of a man who tyrannized millions, here in the Land of the Free, the tyranny of strong individuals over weak ones is about to take one Great Leap Forward: the New Jersey legislature just passed a bill making cloning legal,a nd the governor seems likely to sign it. It also sneaks partial-birth abortion back into law, as you can see by reading this excellent and depressing account of it by National Review Online Editor Kathryn Jean Lopez. The general upshot of what "rights" crowd wants is really just that: individuals should have the freedom to use other human beings for their own pleasure, the total war, in John Paul II's phrase, of the powerful against the weak. I do not doubt that many of the people who support this bill see no reason for the legal protection for marriage, age-of-consent laws, or protecting the elderly from greedy relatives who want to kill them.

Dostoevsky and Nietsche both saw it coming: as long as the elites do not believe in God, morals go out the window completely. As long as "self-fulfillment" is the goal, death follows in its wake. Rousseau, after all, was the first Great High Priest of all this, and he killed his own kids by putting them in a public orphanage, where infants were almost certain to die. We have the records to infer that two of his four children in fact did die promptly after he abandoned them. And he begged his readers to understand how much he suffered.

As I am sure that we will hear about the "difficult" decisions reached "in agony" by rich people who pay women to carry their clones, which children can be murdered in the womb so that the rich people can be treated for something.

And this when a majority of women now believe that abortion is wrong...so the average American is getting their moral sense back, which fact our rulers recognize by couching their actions in weaselly euphemism.

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