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Thursday, January 15, 2004 :::
Best of the Web-sters, please scroll down two posts for item on 'Vote For Dean Because He's Stupid."

Things certainly move fast in Iraq. The Ayatollah Sistani is stepping up the pressure. (See post below.) Whether this is a move simply to increase his leverage or he really thinks the field is clear to stage a popular revolt and grab control of the country is anybody's guess. Amb. Bremer, who has done such a fine job against impossible odds, is once again coming home for emergency consultations. If you don't think Sistani is well aware that the Democrats are about to choose their nominee, think again. This is the kind of thing that is impossible to foresee, but given the necessity of the war, it is hard to see how it could have been avoided. The early inability to get services back up, the losses to looting, and countless other festering discontents--whether reasonably pinned on the US or not--mean that the door is still open to demagogues. Let us hope that the Ayatollah Sistani is merely a very strong man.

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