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Tuesday, January 20, 2004 :::
The Democrats have stepped back from the abyss. It seemed obvious in the last two weeks, particularly after Dean's sheer looniness--so obvious to anyone who visits Best of the Web regularly. (See link at right.)--burst out into public view. For any excellent run-down of the candidates, old style Democrat Michael Novak has sharp things to say about all of them.

This writer shares his estimation of the biggest loser yesterday: Dick Gephardt seems to represent the best the Democratic Party has to offer, so it is a pity that he has never been able to translate long years of devoted service to anything like a national base.

(By the way, one of Prof. Novak's fellow neo-cons--they almost all hate that moniker, but it is hard to know what else to call them--once said that he was loyal to his party except on election day.)

Prof. Novak's ultimate conclusion seems correct: Kerry is probably no threat.

However, in the opinion of A Mind That Suits, John Edwards is. He is very, very smooth and capable.

Which brings us back to the man who will decide this election, the Ayatollah Sistani. He is making noises now that he will accept the judgment of the UN if its experts say that a direct election is not possible. In a culture in which "face" is so desparately important, however, do not count on his passing up the chance to humiliate W. once power has moved over. He was opposed tothe US invasion and has said so for a long time. He feels not one ounce of gratitude. That is the man to watch.

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