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Friday, January 23, 2004 :::
Those looking for the revised commentary on the war, from a very conservative, anti-Rumsfeld perspective, please scroll down.

In happy news, we have established contact with our Rover on Mars, and the problem appears to have been a computer-programming error perpetrated here on Earth. These things can be fixed, but NASA engineers are wisely waiting until they have several reports from the little monkey before they decide what to do.

In medium news, Howard Dean's eclipse, long anticipated in these quarters, appears to be total. You, go, American Republic. As A Mind That Suits wrote to a popular conservative web-columnist, either he implodes in December (benefiting Democrats) or in March (benefiting Republicans, because his nomination would be set.) In the strange way of things, it appears to have happened over Christmas, and God save this honorable Republic. As William F. Buckley was the first to point out publicly, a Howard Dean nomination would be bad for the Republic, not becuase he would win, but because it would deprive the country of two parties. Good riddance, and get over yourself.

In the very say news, Bob Keeshan, one of the earliest heroes of A Mind That Suits, has passed away after a long illness. Most of us knew him, and will always know him, as Captain Kangaroo. He was a remarkable 27-years-old when he noticed that little tiny children loved really old people, and so he invented the elderly Captain. Children's television has never risen higher. RIP, Cap'n, old buddy.

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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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