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Thursday, January 29, 2004 :::
We have made it to Thursday, and blogging has been a bit slow--class, catering,and translating all take up more time than one would wish. And today, alas, is to be no different.

Had something planned on Steven Spielberg, but that can wait. Not too long, as he has a movie called The Terminal in post-production, making this the shortest time between movie sprints for this most prodigiously prodcutive artist. He has traditionally mulled projects for several years, and then shot 3 in a row. One year it was Amastad, Lost Word, and Saving Private Ryan--over 300 days straight behind a camera. Then there was a break, and a somewhat more uniform burst of AI, Minority Report, and Catch Me If You Can ., also shot pretty much back to back. Now it has been less than two years, and we are getting The Terminal, Indiana Jones IV (hopefully up to the level of the first one and way above II and III), and...The Secret Life of Walter Mitty !!!!. He is bold, that is for certain, in remaking a legendary movie with a legendary star (Danny Kaye) based on a legendary story, by James Thurber. (The story is in the book here linked.) But if there is anyone who can contrast the drab reality of Walter's real life and the vividness of his dream life, it is certainly our Steven. The only danger, perhaps, lies in overdoing it, but he has not really done that since the much weaker Indiana Jones sequels. We shall see, and the ride will always be worth catching.

There appears to be no public version of David Kay's last report as head of the Iraq Survey Group. It is good to see that some conservative writers are finally admitting that this is a problem for the Administration--making them the last to notice it. Some conservative writers did notice it, others--far too many--are till saying that it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. However, the public version of his testamony is devastating as it is.

More later--back to the dreary world of organizing papers, although the fact that they are xeroxes of Allen Drury papers makes the task a little lighter. This stack is from the 1970's, the decade when he wrote many of his best books, and when he shook up the political world by demanding Jimmy Carter's resignation on the editorial page of the New York Times .

Looking back over some old blogs, A Mind That Suits noticed that he mentioned that he once had to make do with the Times, having missed that morning's edition of the indispensable Journal, "a mistake unlikely to be repeated." And this writer's opinion of the Times has not really improved: boring and unreliable, rather like the winter weather in DC.

Have a good one.

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