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Monday, February 02, 2004 :::
Caught the second half of the Super Bowl last night, and what a relief that we finally had a good game. The playing was a little sloppier than the two top teams should have produced, but a good game is an evenly matched one, and that was what we had. Yes, Carolina should indeed have gone for one-point conversions, and we'll see if the coach has learned his lesson.

Around the age of 30, A Mind THat Suits realized that he was his own football widow. NOTHING got done between Friday night and Sunday afternoon, and so he went cold turkey. No football, period. When he started dipping his toe back in a few years later, he realized that money had indeed finally ruined the sport. What should be a 3 hours game now routinely take 4, with all the advertising breaks. Big league football now stinks, for that reason. It's much more fun to wander over to the tiny stadium at CUA and watch the kids on our Division III team, many of whom are smaller than this writer, play their hearts out for the sheer love of the game. It's a little like High School ball, but at least it's really football.

Catching the game over his regular burger at Ye Olde Neighborhood Pub, A Mind That Suits and others allowed what great game it was, prompting the bartender to mumble, "Best game, worst half time show." From the accounts, it sounds like something A Mind That Suits was glad he missed. Ms. Jackson apparently graced us all with a glimpse of things best left hidden on family TV, and swallowed the tongue of young Mr. Timberlake, who, in general, just needs to slow down. Yuck.

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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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