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Wednesday, February 04, 2004 :::
A fun tradition dies.

(If you want to read about the New York Times's astrologer-political commentator, please scroll down.)

The National Review's Jonah Goldberg brings the sad news that the Washington Post has finally wised up, and is showing signs that it will no longer offer its often invaluable resources for free. Most conservatives seem not to have noticed that the new generation of ownership at the two pillars of the Establishment have worked a flip-flop on their old ideological positions, and it is now the Post, and not the Times, whose reporting is more often connected to observable reality. (This writer cannot recall Mr. Goldberg's having commented on this switch, though the disappointment in Mr. Goldberg's comment implies that he too is a regular Post user. Fellow National Review writer Stanley Kurtz did comment on it some time ago. .)

But there has always been something disconnected from reality about the fact that both papers offer the last two weeks of news for free. The Post is not yet charging, but they are going to do what the Times has long done, and that is require full registration from on-line users, including plausible addresses. Pity. The Post has, for a couple of years, asked for basic information every time you read any article. The new registration system will actually make access less time-consuming, but this writer will no longer be able to pose as a 103-year-old man living next to the US Capitol. Ah, well.

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