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Monday, February 02, 2004 :::
This just in: MTV apologizes for peddling sex. In a flurry of statements issued by CBS, MTV, Justin Timberlake, both team owners, the water boys and several spectators who were sitting too far away to really see anything, everyone is apologizing for the public exposure of one of Ms. Jacksons undeniably impressive assets during the SuperBowl halftime show (see below.) Said over-exposure was caused when Mr. Timberlake ended their torrid dance routine by reaching up and ripping off her leather jacket. MTV said the booby-baring was "unplanned, unrehearsed, unexpected, and every other un-word we found on an on-line thesaurus." CBS said it was unlikely that MTV would ever again produce a halftime show for them, making one think it did not appear as un-un-un as MTV would like us to believe. Perhaps the lack of shock from MTV's producers at the magic moment might have been a tipoff. A Mind That Suits is just speculating there. There is also the possibility that Ms. Jackson, whose career is sputtering, despite her enormous talents (the musical and dancing ones), and Mr. Timberlake, who seems locked in a perennial battle with first flame Shock Goddess Britney Spears, concocted the plan themselves.

Mr. Timberlake issued a statement saying he regretted if anyone was shocked by the "wardrobe malfunction." Wardrobe malfuction? That was written by a paid flack.

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