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Tuesday, March 23, 2004 :::
For today's serious post please scroll down, preferably while reading the following.

Any newcomers--and you know who you are--can find a "greatest hits" on August 10, and an obituary for Johnny Cash from September 15 to get the flavor of A Mind That Suits. It is a blog that covers everything, pretty much. Or at least whatever A Mind That Suits reads in the Wall Street Journal that really ticks him off.

Or in the Washington Post. As for instance, the following quote, from an article on a child therapist.

Taffel's approach to child-rearing encourages parents to identify what is unique in each child, then create tailored approaches.

Isn't that called knowing your own children?

Good advice, actually. The ticking off part is that just for using an anemic, clinical vocabulary to state the obvious, this guy Taffel gets paid some serious coin.

Don't let that deter you from registering to use the Post 's website. While its front page and editorial columns reflect whatever Don Graham and Tom Daschle talked about over dinner the previous night, it is a superlative newpaper.

Although small. It is noticeably narrower, in the physical sense, than most newspapers, perhaps a reflection of its origins as little more than a tabloid, which days are long gone. A Mind That Suits often drinks coffee in the morning seated next to and occasionally commenting on the day's news with an undergraduate friend. Said lad lives in the same neighborhood as and shares a conservative outlook on life with A Mind That Suits--as they also share a habit of spreading books and newspapers across a table. One of his buddies from home was visiting one weekend and joined us. He picked up the Post and mumbled, "This is small. Liberals must have small hands."

Serious thoughts follow.

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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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