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Tuesday, March 02, 2004 :::
In Wlimington for Spring Break, and will be posting later today.

A fan of Allen Drury wrote in because she had gotten through Preserve and Protect and wondered if there was an end to the Advise and Consent series. Cruel fate, that she should have gotten that far and no further:Al deliberately ended it with an assasination in which "a husband and a wife," from different couples, get killed. He planned finishing the series with alternate endings, which he ultimately did, but two books intervened. One--Courage and Hesitation--had to do with teh Nixon Administration and had to be written then. He gave some serious foreshadowings of Watergate, so it was an important piece of reporting. And then the other--the Throne of Saturn, on the space race--kind of cropped up. He may have had some problems, ti seems, actuallyworking out the alternate endings. He finally did--with Come, Nineveh, Come, Tyre and The Promise of Joy--but it took him some time, and it drove his fans absolutely crazy. He would have told no one if he was having problems writing a book, so he never mentioned anything at home. This is a guess based on the timing of the releases.


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