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Friday, March 12, 2004 :::
A Mind That Suits will return to this topic later today, but it settled like a pall this morning.

Why is that no one was talking about the horrific attack on civilization yesterday in Madrid? In the halls, on the street, on this blog, somehow it didn't start every conversation, or even get included. And yet it was an attack on all of civilization.

The disturbing thought is that, unlike the Bali nightclub bombing, this appeared to be a local fight: unpopular soldiers in a war against peace and prosperity in their own land, so unpopular that not even the people they claim to be liberating, the Basques, really want anything to do with them. Most people don't even know what a Basque is, because they are not a big minority here. We have had one major and honorable politician who was Basco--former Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt--but it would be surprising if many people remembered even him today.

Then there was that a little detail that made you prick up your ears: a stolen van, with detonators and a casette of Qur'an verses in the tapedeck. The Spanish police and American intelligence are dismissing it as insignificant, and the thought rises that perhaps the ETA planted the tape to garner some of the international attention that has escaped them. It could well be that an isolated al-Qaeda cell was assembling some small weapons and the van happened to be in the wrong place. Or that an isolated al-Qaeda cell had provided training, which still makes the attack a local one.

But why is it that it simply never seemed like the most important event of the day, when it was.

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