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Thursday, March 25, 2004 :::
The testimony by Richard Clarke is certainly going to cause President Bush some serious trouble. Mr. Clarke himself appears to have been very lucky in being right at the last minute; the Clinton administration floundered for years over any kind of foreign policy, much less picking anything as a "top priority." Particularly damaging to the fight on terrorism was the way the he would send troops somewhere--at least once every year of his Presidency, if memory serves--and then pull out when the shooting started. bin-Laden cites that one all the time. So it takes some gall to say Clinton had a plan, or would have acted on it. There are lots of briefing papers thrown around any DC office, but Clinton was famous for not being able to set priorities.

Unfortunately, the conservative press seems to be up to it old tricks: if we can come up with some joke to discredit him, that takes care of it. No it won't....

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What doesn't kill me, makes me laugh... usually.

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