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Monday, April 12, 2004 :::
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Okay, the "how did they find A Mind That Suits" function of this humble blog's server provides some interesting and occasionally disturbing insights into what people look for. Almost as funny is what the search engines do in combining posts that are days apart in time and worlds apart in subject. Somebody thought that Dr. Condoleezza Rice, an indisputably attractive woman, would look even better if she was shown in a demure pose, and entered "Dr. Rice blush" in his search engine. And what the search engine produced was Dr. Rice answered, "no ... which caused the somber student to blush and giggle... This is no doubt some geeky college-age policy wonk's fantasy, but that is not something that A Mind That Suits has ever written, or would ever write. Ah, the wonders of technology.

And speaking of Dr. Rice, it is interesting how radically NBC Nightly News distorted the contents of the now infamous August 6 memo. Dr. Rice said, under oath, that it was a "historical" document, which it undoubtedly was. It summarizes already existing intelligence, and starts and ends with the assertion that the FBi had 71 field investigations underway on that intelligence. It blows Richard Clarke out of the water, but NBC says it contradicts Dr. Rice. A persistent theme of Democratic Party publicity--oh, excuse me, mainstream reporting--is that "historical" means "old," and therefore any recent intelligence is not historical. Historical means, literally, anything that happened in the past, near or far. Dr. Rice distinguished between that and "actionable" intelligence, and the distinction seems clear. But not to the Democrats, either at the major networks or elsewhere.

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