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Friday, April 09, 2004 :::
Upon opening one of his e-mail accounts, A Mind That Suits found that he had received 48 spam messages in the last 48 hours. That account receives almost exclusively finanical spam, in the strange ways that spammers operate, but this morning he found the topper of all random, out there spam: "Learn How To Operate a Bulldozer." Unwisely, he opened it, and sure enough, it was for something called "construction boot camp." This tops the clean septic tank ones he used to get.

A Mind That Suits must rush today. On returning from Ye Newe Neighborhood Coffee Shop at Porter's Neck outside Wilmington, he found himself--fortunately--driving in the opposite direction from one huge traffice jam. Highway 17 is the East Coast's "Coastal Highway," as opposed to its Coastal Roadway, which would be A-1-A. (For you West Coasters, the difference between 1 and 101.) And, for a brief stretch between the hamlet of Hampstead, where A Mind That Suits stays with his father, and Porter's Neck, the beginning of the greater Wilmington area, 17 is only two lanes, the last such stretch in North Carolina. During rush hour, this is a tiny bottleneck. But the schools observe Good Friday down here, and so everyone is headed to the beach. The traffic jam was 2 miles long or more 30 minutes ago. A Mind That Suits must meet his father and his bowling buddies in Wilmington, where they bowl, and to which they got themselves before this developed. THey have already been advised to pick a restaurant way in the opposite direction from the beach, and A Mind That Suits will drive out to I-40--for West Coasters, the eastern end of the I-40 you know from LA--and back into Wilmington, a good 20 miles out of his way. A Mind That Suits hates traffic with a passion.

And speaking of passion, A Mind That Suits finds himself in a foul mood this Good Friday, because he has been going systematically through Administration statements about the War when the big push began, in the Fall of 2002. Donald Rumsfeld will find little in this humble blog to please him, and after its proprietor has immersed himself in what the good Secretary of Defense had to say back then just as Souther Iraq, (predictably, it seems) explodes, Mr. Rumsfeld should be advised that it is highly unlikely that anything favorable about him wille ever again be published here. This is part of a now several-week-long attempt to put a series of things into op-ed form, and the walk down memory lane has produced a very clear vision of what needs to be said.

But, speaking of passion, this is of course the day for remembering the Passion, and one should attend to one's own failings, not those of others, and so A Mind That Suits wishes all the Christians out there a blessed Easter, and reassures everyone that they will be in his prayers this weekend.

And now, a quick shower, and a long drive.


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