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Thursday, April 08, 2004 :::
Wow. Condolezza Rice must have taken lessons from George Schulz. She does not shy away from telling nasty interrogators to shut up.

Richard Ben-Veniste, who became famous as an assistant to Leon Joworksi, the Watergate prosecutor, has certainly been out for blood this morning. He realizes that Slade Gorton delivered a knockout punch to Richard Clarke by asking a simple yes-no question as his time was running out. Could anything have been done to prevent 9-11? "No," replied Mr. Clarke, honestly. That of course undid Mr. Clarke, though the conservative press took a week to notice it. (It has gone unnoticed by the Post-- surprise, surprise.)

Mr. Ben-Veniste, trial-lawyer style, tried desparately to get Dr. Rice to answer "yes" or "no" to a series of questions in the obvious hopes that at least one would have provided an embarrassing soundbite to cancel out the effect of Mr. Clarke's all too embarrassing admission. She refused to take the bait. At one point, she asked simply if there were more questions in a series. Mr. Ben-Veniste, in complete desparation, tried to copy Sen. Gorton by asking "one last question" because "I see my time is running out." It was over long, obvious, and badly framed, but was basically, "if George W. Bush had jumped up and down after getting one particular memo, would somone have possibly seen the pattern of information that pointed to the plot?" Dr. Rice answered, "no," but not with that word. She answered with the truth, which is something that Mr. Ben-Veniste does not seem to be looking for.

Note to liberals: that look of contempt you get when you ask loaded questions of conservative office-holders? That's one big reason why voters don't make you the office-holders.

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