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Friday, May 14, 2004 :::
Today was going to be given over to sullen fulminations about the self-contradictory pronouncements of one Charles Krauthammer, MD, who apparently shares with his fellow brilliant Frenchman Jacques Chirac a feeling that those who disagree with him were "not properly brought up" and have "missed an opportunity to keep quiet." Dr. Krauthammer offers an interesting argument this morning, that those who felt that standing down in Fallujah was inviting chaos. Such sneering by Dr. Krauthammer in fact contradicts 30 years of invaluable commentary from...Charles Krauthammer, MD, but we will let it go in deference to one really brilliant infrantryman named Jason.

Well, we will comment that Dr. Krauthammer managed to miss the most significant observation that he himself made in his apparenltly overwhelming desire to defend the indefensible, i.e., one Donald Rumsfeld. But we will now let it go.

Jason's introduction is as nothing to the brilliant commentaries on his pictures, some of which are brilliant without the commentary. The way-too-old-to-be-a-kid kid is in the process of pulling his head out of his ass, which this writer, a very experienced teacher of boys and young men, knows is the most important moment of any young man's passage to adulthood, despite the fact that most young men think that those 7.45 minutes with Suzy in the back of the SUV were really the most important.

Herewith, not-so-young Jason's most recent:

When we first got to Iraq, it was easy to find things to write about because everything was new. Now that we've gotten into a pretty good work rhythm and have captured most the bad guys in our area, things have gotten a little routine. I look at all we do during a week and it's more exciting than any five years of my life before Iraq, but I still can't help but admit that I think we're getting used to it.

A friend of Willy's sent him the complete series "Freaks and Geeks" on DVD. I had to liberate those DVDs from Willy, he wouldn't understand suburban teen angst. I watched all eighteen episodes back to back, taking a short break in the middle to sleep for three hours and to go on a raid. It breaks my heart that something as optimistic and genuine as a show like that could be so completely dismissed by the majority of TV-watching America. Who is creating anything worthwhile anymore? We need to encourage this kind of thing, not discourage it by worshipping vapid garbage like Friends. The raid went fine by the way.

Some photos and snarky commentary of some of our work from the past few weeks-Jason

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