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Tuesday, June 01, 2004 :::
Ah, yes, Memorial Day was lazy, lazy, lazy, and the longish piece on Memorial Day is in the head but not on the blog. So too with the end of the pieces on what we should have prepared for in Iraq. There are only three or four as far as this writer can figure, it turns out, but they were important.

The Wilmington interlude is reaching its foreordained conclusion, not that A Mind That Suits is happy about that, but it must be. There was an apartment for rent in an old building for only $675, right on the bar and restaurant drag, and if he had not signed up for summer school, he would have left life in UglyTown behind in a flash.

Doesn't A Mind That Suits think Washington, DC, is the most beautiful city in the United States? Deedy-do, he does, but that's only the buildings and the endless trees. Its the people that make it UglyTown.

The President today held forth on what we weren't prepared for in Iraq, and he admitted to the one thing that was very hard to prepare for, the way that Saddam deliberately faded. Nothing about the lack of training for the task troops were given, or the silence on WMD in the portions visible during a brief lunch at the magnificent carved wooden bar at Henry's on Shipyard Boulevard, but this writer looks forward to the transcript. He will take anything he can get, at this point, 6 months after Jay Leno started cracking jokes about the real reason being oil. Jay Leno is more popular than our cocky and overreaching President, and more trust him for their news than anyone else, so this is all a little late. But he will take what he can get.

Cool station in Wilmington, called The Penguin, 106.7 FM--very much coffee house lefty stuff, but a welcome non-corporate, non-programmed change from the usual boring offerings...

Later folks...

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