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Saturday, June 12, 2004 :::
A Mind That Suits is in demand! Yes, one quote on his beloved Beatles has led to more. Well, one more, for the LA Times, no less. The article there for which A Mind That Suits provided some scintillating quotes will be out soon, but he would never scoop someone who was willing to quote him. When that article, about how revelations about the history and meaning of particular songs affects our feelings about them, comes out, the full set of quotes will be provided here.

Below is the full response given to friend Victorino for his piece on Paul's latest interview, with uncut magazine. The question was: is Paul changing his story about the source of the name for "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." John always maintained it was a drawing by very young Julian, while others have always thought it was an obvious reference to LSD. The lyrics, of course, did little to support John's assertion, but as friend Victorino points out, the picture actually exists. See his article here.

Here are the full thoughts of A Mind That Suits:

I've always half thought that both stories were true. The kid did do the drawing, and Daddy found it hysterically funny. They were in their mid-twenties, after all, and people on dope seem to giggle about everything.

It is kind of odd that he's saying it now. John contradicted himself on virtually every story, and Paul has been more consistent, but relying on memories of who said what while on some drug or other is probably pretty dicey at best. They supposedly agreed not to talk about LSD, and then Paul went and told Life magazine when they ran the psychedelic portraits by Avedon. He does seem to have a penchant for portentous announcements.

But I emphasize now because the other two who were most involved in making the music are gone. There are long blocks of time between takes of any one song during this period, when they were at their most creative. (Yes, I have gone through the "Recording Sessions" book.) One engineer recalled seeing Ringo sitting around reading while the other three locked themselves in the studio and argued. That's why Geoff Emerick became their engineer. He was only 18, but no one else could stand the fighting. The point is, you can see how, in between the snickering over the name and the arguing and the drugs, the real story got lost.

Paul has this version now, and there probably isn't any reason to doubt it. But still, very strange.

Yes, that was a Penny Lane quote.

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