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Wednesday, June 09, 2004 :::
Newcomers may wish to check out the "Best of" collections that were posted on August 10 (see archive at right) and the Ronald Reagan appreciation from Sunday (please scroll down), or they can read this intro.

A Mind That Suits is finally getting recognition in one area where he can claim some expertise: drug use by the Beatles. Actually, he is more of a lifelong Beatle fan who reads a lot than an expert on any one aspect of their all-too-brief career as a group, least of all drugs, but he knew enough to come up with what turn out to be pretty spiffy insights.

The recognition comes from friend Victorino over at the in every way delightful Weekly Standard , who was trying to sort out conflicting comments by ex-Beatles, and was nice enought to ask a certain pudgy, balding English teacher for a quote. The article is good fun, and many thanks to friend Victorino.

Those of you who are joining us from the in every way delightful Weekly Standard for the first time may wish to check out three "chrestomathies" of scintillating material from A Mind That Suits that appeared on the August 10 last year. (See archives at right.) There you will find lots of stuff on music and culture, including one on Paul McCartney's fame, and a tribute to the wonderful June Carter Cash. There is also an appreciation of Johnny Cash from September 15 that drew many appreciative comments.

The chrestomathies were in connection with this article that appeared on National Review Online.

This is not primarily a political blog, though wartime makes that difficult to sustain. As you are coming from the in every way delightful Weekly Standard, which has bravely challenged the conservative groupthink plaguing commentary on the war, you will perhaps not be uncomfortable with the fact that A Mind That Suits maintains a certain--how shall he put it?--distance from the person and policies of one Donald Rumsfeld. To that end, he should warn you that the memo scandal occasioned a lengthy comment just a few posts down.

There will not, alas, be much blogging this week, as this is a busy week, what with the funeral of the President and all. A Mind That Suits is a little depressed to realize that he does not have time to stand in line to pay his last respects--the line in California was over 8 hours long, it's easier to get to the US Capitol building, and a lot of people live around here--and so will have to settle for camping out along the cortege route on Friday. For comments on that very great man, please scroll down to Sunday's post.

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