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Tuesday, August 31, 2004 :::
Here is the impasse to which "our" rhetoric has brought us.

When the President says we cannot win the War on Terror, he is right. One might as well say we could win a war against toothpicks. Terror is a technique, and it is as available to the Timothy McVeighs of this world as it is to the Osama bin-Ladens. (And yes, this writer knows full well about the shady Iraqi who hung out at gun shows.)

Yet--as the 9/11 Commission report makes clear--W is the one who first posed it as a War Against Terror, and that is the rhetoric that he used. So the fact that he has smartened up has given the Democrats an inroad to attack him--irresponsibly--during the Republican Convention.

And now he has retreated, which Tough Guy W supposedly never does.

Too bad.

He was right, and he knows that. The fact that he now knows that is the reason he will get one more vote, from a person who would otherwise have written in Ronald Wilson Reagan. But because of his immense rhetorical and theoretical errors in 2002 and 2003, we cannot discuss it openly.

This is the problem. And W went a long way toward creating it.

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